Top 10 Japanese Porn Actress Has The Biggest Natural Breasts

List of 10 Japanese Porn Actress Has The Biggest Natural Breasts :

1. Miyabi Isshiki
Has a K-Cup bra size, many who may not believe that Miyabi Isshiki still 22 years old. But the Japanese girl who has big eyes and cute indeed blessed with a body shape like that. Cute figure, as if teasing the fans JAV.

2. Miri Hanai
Miri Hanai has the H-Cup bra size. He is one of the most successful models in the Japanese porn. The 25-year-old girl has appeared in various JAV like Miri Hanai Shake! Shake! And Gothic Lolita. Hanai also released a debut album in 2005 which Premonition. Hanai also featured in the poster METAL GEAR SOLID 3.

3. Ourei Harada
Ourei Harada has a J-Cup bra size. Release her first photo book titled Vanilla at the age of 18 years. And it is the first step in his career in the porn industry and JAV which made it popular in various magazines and adult sites, Harada won the award of Miss Magazine as idols 'hottest'. Now he is a member of the idol group SKE48 often become naughty fantasies of men.

4. Aki Hoshino
Starting his career in the modeling world in 2002, Aki Hoshino which has F-Cup bra size is releasing his first DVD titled I Am Hoshino Aki followed by a series of videos showing the super sexy special shape and of course naked. Now Hoshino has appeared in various magazines and TV programs such as Sabra adult.

5. Rio Natsume
The 24-year-old girl became one of the hottest models that have appeared in about 25 DVDs JAV. Rio Natsume has E-Cup bra size. Some JAV which presents itself as the Missionary, and Naked Cow Girl, So far Natsume has released 7 photo book that would show her assets. In 2003, Natsume became Miss Magazine and in 2005 he appeared in the video game Gal of the Sparrow 2.

6. Eiko Koike
The 29-year-old girl has a D-Cup bra size. Eiko Koike not only endowed chest form of hot and beautiful face, but he was also talented in acting. Koike even be a Best Actress for her acting in the film SEPPUN in Yokohama Film Festival 2009. Not busy filming, Koike be a commentator in the event the Japanese PRIDE Fighting Championships. Koike already married professional wrestler, Wataru Sakata.

7. Hitomi Tanaka
Hitomi Tanaka has the J-Cup bra size and it makes it into the ranks of JAV porn star with the biggest chest size. Tanaka has appeared in adult magazines countless. In fact, she has also appeared in many video NSFW as Super High Class Soap Lady and The Lewd Woman.

8. Megumi (Yamano) Furuya
Megumi (Yamano) Furuya's 28-year-old has a G-Cup bra size. So far Furuya has appeared in various TV programs, magazines, photo book, advertising, films and even adults who made it popular among fans JAV industry. However, Furuya made a shocking statement stating JAV stop of the world today.

9. Risa Shimamoto
In age is 22 years, Risa Shimamoto has a G-Cup bra size. Shimamoto so far has appeared in 7 photo book, 8 DVDs, and two special TV programs for adults. Ever heard rumors that Shimamoto quit JAV world, but it seems not intend to resign because Shimamoto career was brief.

10. Nonami Takizawa
Being one of the porn star known JAV special because of the size of her breasts, Nonami Takizawa has I-Cup bra size. Takizawa 23-year-old is from Saitama. With a high body, apparently Takizawa fond of basketball and sports hobby, photography, and singing. No wonder Takizawa be one of the very popular.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the 4 Forms of Penis

Different men also measure gender differences but regardless of size and shape, whether the penis fat, skinny, straight, curved, thick and thin, can actually good in bed if you apply the right techniques.

1. Big Penis
Some men who have a large penis, when out of the 'wrapper' like a giant slab of meat that are interested of jeans.

But men often do not realize that their large size can make a woman terrified, wondering, "Can it tore me?". But do not worry, some women still like the size of a long and thick.

Disadvantages: Men who have sex are super great if he was too aggressive and forgot that the vagina needs time to warm up and stretch to avoid tearing, can be painful, or women become too scared to try it.

Advantages: Can be filled, which creates major pressure and stimulation in all areas of the vagina.

2. Curved Penis
The shape of the penis when erect slightly curved upwards.

Disadvantages: A lot of people are curved upward to feel uncomfortable with the appearance of sex. Appearance is not always important. You have a natural skill and may not yet be known.

Advantages: Because curved upwards have the opportunity to continue to rub against the top wall of the vagina, which happens to be where the G-spot. Constant rubbing can make sex very well, even if he has bad technique can do with just understand what to do.

3. Crooked Penis
Hook-type curved penis pointing down.

Disadvantages: In the conventional position, pointing downward curvature cannot swipe properly to the G-spot area.

Advantages: doggy style sex position is really interesting because it is perfectly hit the G-spot. You also have some fun and interesting position to be tried as women on top.

4. Small Penis
Men may have a little sex, but do not underestimate it. Remember, many strong men, successful, and sexy but a small penis.

Disadvantages: Little can be separated if it is too slippery or strange position. When that happens, do not panic, your baby could slip but could get in again.

Advantages: The man knows that he is competing out there with most men and these men are challenged to perfect the technique, including honing skills in the head because it could result in orgasm. Men with small asset can choose missionary and doggy style position that sex is more intimate, including lots of kisses and contact with the body.

Every nerve endings in the penis has the same amount no matter its size. Men with small genitals tend to be more sensitive with greater concentration in a smaller area. And other benefits, small penis is much more fun to give oral sex.

79 Years Old Man, Stars Hundreds of Japanese Porn Movies

Shigeo Tokuda is a Japanese old man, who was born in August 1934 became the oldest player in the Japanese porn movie probably in the world. Tokuda debuted at the age of 59, and has played in more than 200 pornographic films since then.

Tokuda had secret to his wife and children that he has starred in hundreds of porn movies. Tokuda family did not know what they are doing is a retired travel agent if the go 'work' in the morning.

In fact, Tokuda is very well known fans. No wonder if Tokuda at least make a porn movie every month. Tokuda was now a genre of movie stars 'porn parents' aka films starring elderly.

However, if his son was surprised by the findings, Tokuda admitted she was not too worried know Tokuda part-time job. "My wife lets me do what I want right now because I am retired," he said. "He was only concerned with my health and told me not to get too worked hard."

"There is no jealousy, as far as I know. But last year when I was drunk with my wife in Asakusa, someone came up to me and asked for my autograph. My wife was surprised, but it did not lead to a quarrel. He understands that this is part of my job and he trusts me. "

Tokuda initially entered the porn industry for a side other than work at a travel agency in Tokyo. Tokuda admitted he glimpsed a porn movie maker when the film makers see it looking DVD adult movie at a store in Tokyo.

"They say, 'You are certainly suitable for our films because you have a mischievous face. You match the movie we will make'," said Tokuda.

Having only appeared as extras for a fee of several hundred yen, Tokuda eventually got the lead role. He now works full-time after retirement worked in a travel agency five years ago. According to Tokuda, he usually paid for one of the film Prohibited Elderly Care at US $ 400 and US $ 500.

The majority of opponents to play Tokuda is women in their late 20s years. Tokuda not feel sorry for the opponent. He claimed the majority of the opponent accepts the role just to get money and some of them do not enjoy their performances.

Although he had a stroke a few years ago so was thinking of retirement, Tokuda reported no problems on the physical demands in the films. He claimed only twice tried Viagra that ten years ago at the request of a filmmaker, and has no impact when he wore both times. To keep in shape regular Tokuda mountain climbing with his wife.

Here are some films that have been started by Shigeo Tokuda.

Picture Pubic Hair Shape Korean Girls

Here is a picture of various forms of beautiful woman fur vagina korea, they are young Korean girls surveyed were then asked to show the shape of her pubic hair, respectively. And they willingly show, please see the picture.

Most Exciting Places To Have Sex In

Having sex on the bed is a done-to-death concept. If that’s the only place you’ve ever done it in, then we must tell you that you’ve never really explored the worldly possibilities of hot sex. There are two things that get a real man’s adrenaline rushing – sex and risk. Oh, how we love them both! Mix ‘em both and you’ll have the best sex of your life. We hate how the bed has taken away the entire thrill. Do ditch it once and for all because we’re here to list down the most exciting spots ever to do it in. You can thank us later.

Your Car

Of course the back seat isn’t as comfortable as the bed. But when it comes to getting frisky, the bed stands no chance in front of your car. Girls dig men with cars. You know why? It is because every girl fantasizes about an adventurous guy who wouldn’t wait to get to the bedroom! There is something about making love in the car that takes you to your younger days. The car may have been the only private corner you have gotten to yourself. Bring in some excitement, hit the back seat. You have no clue how risqué it still is.

The Couch

C’mon, you have to hit the couch! It is what makes porn what it is! Plunge into it with your girl in your arms and get going! The couch is supposed be for lounging. So, you have all the comfort you need along with the excitement factor it comes with. Do it on the couch once and you’d swear to never return to your bed

The Pool

Oh no, no! Not the public swimming pool. You’re taking it a little too seriously now. Nobody wants their kids to see you two and ask “What are they doing? Looks fun!” Try this only when you have a private pool. Water sets the temperature soaring. The buoyancy will help you to move about freely. And, you’re already wearing minimal clothes. Shouldn’t take you guys too long to rip them off each others’ bodies.


It could be your own lawn, your balcony, the terrace, in the park. The road is an option too, though a little too adventurous. Remember the time when you used to make out with your girl in the dim corridors of your college? Remember the adrenaline rush the risk of someone walking in on you gave you? Relive those moments. Hit the outdoors when the weather is nice. You’ll be in for a thrilling sexprise.

The Tent

Girls find tents immensely sexy. Rent a tent in a far off place, overlooking a beautiful valley and the mood is set. Of course, the tent is a little flimsy and can come down any moment. But isn’t that the best part? The risk.

The Kitchen

Every girl wants to do it on the kitchen slab. It’s playful, passionate and tells her that you just cannot wait to take her to the bedroom. It’s going to be a memory that’ll turn you on everytime you think of it. Why else do you think porn has so much of kitchen sex? Just wipe the slab after you’re done, please!

The Bathtub

You see, when you’re doing it on the bed, you’re questioning the relevance of every other furniture in the house. Bed is the most overrated furniture out of all. Lather each other up in the bathtub and tease her into a hot frenzy.

8 Tips To Give Her An Unforgettable Sex Session

Some say it’s the size of your shaft that makes her drool for one more hump session, some reckon it’s the foreplay and some even say nothing beats the missionary. Well, there is no doubt it’s a Spartan task to appease women in bed. Trust me, if they don’t like it with you, don't even bother asking again, you just might get to know your horse's power, and you might not be a happy man ever after! But there is always that one guy she wants to have sex with again and again, and this is how you become the chosen one or at least get within the sniffing distance of being the Jack.

Chalk A Talk

I know you can't wait, but here is where we go belligerently wrong. Don't just cut to the chase and rush; girls love the chase. Talk for a while, make her comfortable, tell her she is a good look. Get into what she's been doing and divulge some of your own earful. Talk dirty but don't trash talk. The more you talk the better she palpates around you. Studies have shown women can picture what the guy would be like in bed by the way he puts up with the dialogues, so she is actually undressing you while you talk to her.

Don't Show Off

Fine, you’re a player! But trust me; she would never want to know how wild your last one night stand was. If you mention how good it was, she might sense competition and comparison and then the outcome would not be what you sleaze about. So keep your secrets under locks.

Catch Her Off Guard

They don't say it that often but they like it. Clutch her when she least expects it, do it in the kitchen, off the bed take it on the floor, on the stairs or in a restaurant's wash room. Get drunk (not sloshed). Being a bit tipsy makes you sexually proactive and then takes it under the sheets. Least favourites: the dumpster and that creepy nook under the stairs.

Slow Down, Make Her Wait

Kiss her, nip her, touch her or pull her hair. Get into an extended fore play mode, undress her constantly but slowly. Try and take it all over the place; against the wall, on a stool or on the window pane. Turn her around and kiss her on her back. Take your time; you aren’t cooking two-minute noodles. Planting kisses reassures a girl how much you are willing to invest in her pleasure. It’s the time to put to use what you saw in that soft porn flick.

Go Down On Her

Yes eat it! It has just the same protocol as of a blow job, so guys, just follow. If you really want her to crave you bad, then go to the downtown and give her a whack tongue tornado. Not many men prove stallion enough at this task, but those who are sport win the game.

Missionary Is A Position, Not Your Mission

Okay, you are not a porn star, agreed. But sticking to the missionary positing seems like a mission when to keep on with it. Switch it! It's not that you need to be a pro, a handful (maybe 3-4) of different positions can make her world go around. Show off because it pays off!


Don't get too serious. Talk a bit and laugh a bit. If you make a mistake and she notices it just laugh it off together. Sex has funny positions and you end up making weird noises. The best way to deal with them is to laugh and keep going on!

Switch Charges

Be a man! Yes that's true. But why should boys have all the fun? Let her take control in a few positions; let her be your cow girl or the grinder. Its gives them a feeling of superiority and boy! We all know how much they love proclaiming superiority.

7 Things You Should Know About Breast Sex

1. A guy’s not the Veruca Salt of intercourse — or insulting your other sexual routines — just because he wants to have sex with your boobs
He loves your boobs, and you (hopefully) love your boobs, and together your love will nurture your boobs until they get into a top-tier college and graduate summa cum laude. Or, at the very least, be the hot dog bun for his hot dog.

2. No boobs are too small. 
You might be a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, but as a lifelong card-carrier I can tell you that when there’s a will, there’s a way — although, admittedly, pushing them together does tend to be a bit painful. At first, you might feel like a doofus, but once you see he’s getting off on it, you’ll start to feel like a Powerful Woman Made of Breasts and Magic.

3. There are two primary positions, depending on your cup size. 
One involves him on his back and you bending over him, pushing them together. There’s a reason that the most flattering boob-shot selfies are taken from that angle — for smaller-chested girls, thanks to the miracle of gravity, it gives you cleavage you may not have when you’re on your back. If you’ve got bigger breasts, you can lie on your back and have him crouch over you.

(You could also have him sit on the edge of the bed while you kneel, facing him — but this will get uncomfortable after awhile. Or at least it does for me, because I am 27-going-on-TGIF Early Bird Special.)

4. Do not rely on spit to keep your between-boob valley a waterslide. 
Saliva dries quickly and will only end in discomfort — go with a silicon-based lube. It lasts the longest, and while it can irritate some women when used during penetrative sex, you don’t have to worry about that this time.

5. If you want to free up your hands for any variety of activities, use your upper arms to continue to push your boobs together.

6. Oral is optional. 
Considering that the head of his penis will be bobbing up and down toward your face for the next three to seven minutes like a large and enthusiastic sandworm, you could totally put your mouth on it. But that’s totally your call. Some people like garnishing their deviled eggs with paprika; others think deviled eggs are delicious enough without it. Yes, I compare all sex acts to egg recipes.

7. Be aware that when he comes, you’re at a prime angle for a facial. 
When he’s about to finish, do you want to tell him to pull back and come on your breasts? Or are you prepared to take the hit to the eye? This is the shit Sara Bareilles wrote “Brave” about.